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  1. In the Sweet Bye and Bye
  2. Coat of Many Colors
  3. My Savior’s Precious Blood
  4. Calvary’s the Reason
  5. House of Gold
  6. There’s Somebody Out
  7. One Day At A Time
  8. He Will Calm the Troubled
  9. We’ve Got the Power
10. When the Roll Is Called Up
11. Whispering Hope
12. May the Good Lord Bless
      and Keep You

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Betty Jean Shinn



The Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior. I praise Him for pulling me out of the depths of darkness.

As a young girl, my grandmother took me to little country churches. I remember singing the “old” songs by the Warm Morning coal heater. Church was the focal point of our life.

Thereafter, I moved away from God. For about 40 years I wandered out in the world from one crisis after another. I met a wonderful woman, Karen Sublett, who later became my best friend. She planted seeds of God’s goodness into my life for 10 years.

Then at the lowest point of my life, I had no hope, my son had died, I had survived a violent crime, suffered through broken relationships, heartache after heartache. The Lord woke me one morning at about 11:00 a.m. Another night had gone by with no sleep till after daylight. I looked at the clock. I thought, actually the Holy Spirit put the thought in me, “I could go the church at the end of the road I live on. By the time I get there they will already be started, but I can sneak in, sit in the back, and leave before anybody speaks to me. I did. But, what happened was, the preacher was just beginning to preach. He gently told us about the grace of God. From that point on, the Lord began healing my broken spirit. I accepted the salvation Jesus Christ bought for me at Calvary.

Now, after all those wasted years, the Lord has again ignited in me the love of singing gospel music. I want to sing of God’s goodness and mercy wherever I go. I welcome your invitation to lift up the name of Jesus Christ in word and song.

Betty Jean Shinn